Teeth Whitening

Dr. Viral whitens teeth if you have dull or discolored teeth due to age, coffee or smoking. We can improve your smile with safe, effective procedures in teeth whitening. We will create the perfect treatment plan for you – whether you’re looking to lighten one slightly yellow tooth or to bleach your entire smile brighter!

Once you make a consultation appointment, Dr. Viral will determine if you are a good candidate for bleaching or lightening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options:

  • Office bleaching
  • Home Tray Whitening

What Treatment Option is Best For you?

Treatment options may vary according to your unique situation. For example, in some cases, the cosmetic dental treatment might involve porcelain veneers rather than whitening. Some other factor to consider is that crowns, fillings and bridges do not react to bleaching procedures, so you might also want to consider this: Whatever your situation, rest assured, we are experienced in identifying and then traveling the best path to lead you to an improved, brighter smile.

Teeth Whitening